Pretty Little…Boxes?

Would you like that gift wrapped…Miss?

Pretty little things come in all different shapes and sizes, but the shape and size of the box is rather standard. The box is the first impression and, therefore, it’s kind of a big deal! There are few emotions as big as the one that comes from opening a small delicate box. that is why I always re-use my little gift boxes (little gift pouches work, too!) Whether Tiffany blue, bright China red, or plain white with a ribbon on top, there is something special about these pocket sized packages of mystery. And that is why it is good to have a couple lying around, because not every piece of jewelry comes with a box. Sad, but true.


About Fashion Slice

A fashion lover growing out her bangs and living in San Francisco.


  1. I love giving and receiving presents in small boxes. Especially ones that are retro, unusual, antique and/or sparkly! Keep blogging … I Love your stuff.

  2. And cocoa truffles, too!Thanks for the love, Dolce!

  3. I have kept some of those special boxes whose job was to wrap the present., they are great to keep other little treasures…besides reminding us of those presents they bring character to our personal space~ Love it!

  4. When I was a little girl, I would keep those boxes and put the weirdest things in them, like small crystals I pretended had magical powers. Those little boxes def give an element of magic and mystery to no matter what they hold!

  5. ….the anticipation of gently untieing the bow ribbon and slowly opening the box and peeking inside…Oh what a joy! The art of giving….

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